Louis C.K. Gets NPR Kicked Off the Air in Mississippi

louis ck gets npr show kicked off airLouis C.K. probably didn't realize the power he held in the Magnolia state. In what can only be called a mild interview on NPR's "Fresh Air with Terry Gross," the comedian talks about how he always wears a t-shirt during sex.

This admission greatly offended someone who randomly called a university that pipes in the station while callers are on hold. Mississippi Public Broadcasting pulled the show due to what they describe as "recurring inappropriate conduct."

I really fail to see what's offensive about the whole thing. Judge for yourself:

"But if I'm with a woman and she wants to be with me, she must like me. I definitely have sex with my T-shirt on, always. I haven't had sex without a shirt on, God, since I was about 23," he said.



Seriously? Apparently you're not allowed to talk about sex in Mississippi. Even modest sex. Perhaps we're seeing an explanation for Mississippi's highest teen birth rate in the nation. If you don't talk about sex, you don't know how to do it, prevent pregnancy or even avoid it.

The fact that someone complained isn't surprising -- you can find someone to comment negatively on even the most benign topics. But the fact that the Mississippi Public Broadcasting pulled "Fresh Air," a Peabody award-winning arts and culture radio show after an easily disturbed person complained? How about the universities switch NPR out with classical music so anyone calling won't be subjected to any language, at all?

If you really want to be offended, check out Louis C.K.'s new, completely genius show on FX, Louie.


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