Visualize Art On Your Wall: App of the Week

app of the week art.comWell this is a fun one. If you've got a blank wall and want some kind of art to make it all come together, has an iPhone app for you.

This free app allows you to snap a photo of your sad, art-free space and see what a nice Monet print might look like in your office. Not only do you search through over 750,000 images, you can pick your frame and actually place it in your home -- virtually.


We moved into our new house three months ago, and I still have a lot of blank walls. A little visual help might get me to decide between the Arcade Fire poster and the Brooklyn map. (Clearly, I'm not exactly a classic art collector.)

Of course with the app I can try on new options, and perhaps even get out of my rock 'n' roll geography rut. Once I see how good that Mondrian looks above my couch, I can also click and buy, making a virtual look a reality.

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