Mel Gibson's Career Isn't Over, Russell Brand Wets Himself … Celebrity Tweets of the Week!

Two thumbs up for celebs on Twitter this week! There was so much to talk about -- Mel Gibson, Bristol Palin -- and they were kind enough to provide us with much funny commentary.

I think my devotion to the Old Spice guy is well documented. This past week was an affirmation: I am not alone. Old Spice had actor Isaiah Mustafah respond, via YouTube video, to tweets from fans, and this one’s my favorite: a response to George Stephanopoulos (former President Clinton staffer and current Good Morning America anchor) with advice. Here’s the Stephanopoulos tweet; below is Old Spice’s response. MONOCLE SMILE!











But wait, there's more...


Oh, Dr. Drew! When you’re not endlessly promoting yourself or your addict-exploiting TV shows, you’re revealing your sensitive side. Hey, you know what helps with that anxiety? A couple Klonopin washed down with Smirnoff Ice and cough syrup:













We were all atwitter about Mel Gibson’s latest rant. Comedian Michael Ian Black (from the sketch group Stella and the VH1 I Love The… shows) has an idea for his next career move that could succeed, as long as we keep him well-stocked with Smirnoff Ice and cough syrup:










My Life on the D List stand-up comic Kathy Griffin has documented her crush -- not on the Old Spice guy, but on the Sarah Palin guy, Levi Johnson. After he announced he was reuniting with Sarah’s daughter (and his baby’s mom) Bristol, she mourned her loss – and squeezed in a promo for her book, natch.













The View co-host Joy Behar has her own show on something called HLN. (I know, me neither.) Apparently she had Jennifer Love Hewitt on and wanted to know what I’d ask. Here’s all I want to know: Why are either of you on my radar? AT ALL?! Wasn’t Party of Five like 15 years ago?! Except Joy Behar is pretty funny when she has an actual guest on.













And finally, my favorite darling reformed scumbag / skinny Q-tip Russell Brand is delighted that Coldplay will cover his song. And then there’s the punchline. Ba-dum BUM!


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