Paul the Octopus Chooses Team Jacob!

team jacob tshirtIt looks like Paul the Octopus and I have more in common than I ever thought.

The famously psychic mollusk who made a name for himself by accurately predicting the winning teams during the final World Cup matches has now picked a favorite in the infamous Twilight love triangle:

He's Team Jacob (natch).

And here everyone was worried that Paul would be out of job once the World Cup was over!


How does Paul's clairvoyance work?

Two clear boxes containing his food were placed in front of him. In this case, one box had a photo of Edward Cullen (booooo!); the other had Jacob Black (yay!). He went for Jacob first -- obviously, this octopus has taste.

If only Bella had a psychic octopus for a pet, maybe she wouldn't have been so indecisive (or annoyed me so much).

Check out Paul making his selection:

Do you think Paul made the right choice?

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