John Corbett Encourages Dads To Spend More Time With The Kids

John CorbettAidan Shaw John Corbett may not be a dad, but he plays one in his upcoming movie Ramona and Beezus and hopes that it will inspire all the daddy-o's out there to spend more time with their kids.


In a recent interview, John said:

“I hope that when dads see this movie with their kids they just want to be a little closer and want to do things with their kids. So many of my friends, from a far away perspective, I can see that they really don’t have a close relationship with their kids.

Sometimes they don’t know who their kids are. Time’s kind of ticking and I wonder how much time they think they have left to get to know their kids. I hope that people see this movie and try to create a tighter bond with their kids.”

Aww, so sweet! If I hadn't already fallen for him back when he was Carrie's main squeeze on Sex and the City, that quote might have done it. I think he'd make a terrific dad ... and, just FYI John, if you want to be one, you know who to call (wink, wink).

Now, let's talk about how darn cute this movie looks. Based off of the awesome Beverly Cleary's book series, the story is about a little girl (Joey King) and her wild imagination leading her and her big sister (Selena Gomez) on some pretty crazy adventures.

How great of a dad do you think John Corbett would make? Do you think this movie looks cute?


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