Oksana In Court To Keep Baby Away From Mel Gibson

oksana custody battle mel gibsonOksana Grigorieva is in a Los Angeles courtroom right this minute to remove custody rights from Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson's legal team is expected to challenge the authenticity of the tapes of him sounding like a disturbed psychopath -- edited or not.

I'm rooting for Lucia to be kept far, far away from Mel Gibson. If he's willing to hit the baby's mother, he's willing to hit the baby. Considering the baby was in Oksana's arms when Gibson attacked her, he clearly has zero regard for the health of that little girl.


TMZ is live streaming outside the courtroom so we can all know the second Oksana, Mel or their respective lawyers come out of the courthouse. (Which is actually kind of fun, because you're getting the minutiae of downtown LA right now, including a random man who walked by and asked what they were doing.)


Do you think Mel Gibson should lose his custody rights of baby Lucia?


Image via Splash News

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