Eminem (Still) Singlehandedly Saving the Music Industry

EminemFor the third week in a row, Eminem's album Recovery is in first place on Billboard's chart, selling almost 1.3 million copies.


He's also holding steady at the top of the iTunes charts for his both the album and his single "Love the Way You Lie", a duet with Rihanna.

And according to MTV, Slim Shady may not be going anywhere for awhile.


"Eminem's probably safe for another week on the Billboard countdown, as the only competition in the rearview mirror will come from Korn, M.I.A., a solo Sting, metal supergroup Hellyeah and the revamped Crowded House." 

And all that's with no big tour or real media campaign.

I'm not surprised it's done so well. First of all, it's an amazing album, one of the few I'd buy these days. Since the introduction of iTunes, I can't think of one album I've purchased in its entiretly. Rather, I pick and choose the exact songs I want. But with this album, I like them all, and apparently a lot of other people do as well.

I hope the success of Receovery means we'll be seeing more of this side of Marshall Mathers ... and I bet the record industry does too.

Have you purchased Eminem's album Recovery or any of the songs on it?

Image via CourtneyBolton/Flickr

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