Lindsay Lohan Licks a Gun While Dressed as a Nun

lindsay lohan nun gunNo, it's not Lindsay Lohan's latest attempt to threaten the judge who sentenced her to jail time, it's a poster for the new Robert Rodriguez movie, Machete.

Interestingly, Lohan did not appear in the Machete trailer (which looks awesome, by the way) and some said this was a snub at the troubled actress.

I don't know if that's the case since Michelle Rodriguez of LOST and DUI fame is prominently featured. More likely it's simply a case of Lohan having a small role in the action pulp drama.


Of course, having Lohan doing anything controversial is a surefire way to get some publicity. See? It's working. I'm all like, "What the heck is Lindsay doing dressed as a nun licking a gun?"

This poster, and Lohan's appearance in the Rodriguez flick, is also a great way for her to appear cool again, rather than a sad, train wreck of a has-been.

Do you think this poster helps or hurts Lohan's image?

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