'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Danielle Sues Teresa and Ashley

danielle staub sues teresa ashleyYou knew Danielle Staub was coming after Ashley for the hair/weave pulling incident on this week's Real Housewives of New Jersey. Apparently she'll be using the footage from the show to bring charges of assault and battery and defamation of character and will sue for punitive damages as well.

Ashley does need to face the consequences for what she did. You simply do not put your hands on another person. And maybe getting a restraining order against Teresa and Ashley isn't such a bad idea. Teresa was totally stirring it up and way too aggressive.


Even if Danielle is a nut job that needs to be institutionalized and have her children removed from her custody, Ashley and Teresa behaved really, really badly. Yes, even charges brought against them badly.

Of course Danielle is creating drama for drama's sake, since she decided to do this after the show aired. Didn't they shoot that like six months ago? If Danielle was truly fearful for her life, she would have taken care of that business right away.

There will be no winners in that court room.

Do you think Danielle should have filed these charges against Ashley and Teresa?

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