Colbie Caillat, Amber Riley Rock All-Star Baseball Game

Colbie CaillatI love baseball, but to me, the All-Star game is completely pointless. Risking players' health for bragging rights (though the National League finally won, yay!) just doesn't seem worth it. But hey, at least they put on good musical shows, which consisted of Colbie Caillat and Glee's Amber Riley.


Amber started the game off with a "wow" version of our nation's anthem and later performed Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" (Christina, girl, you better watch your back). Even after watching Glee for a year, every time this girl belts out a tune, I'm still in awe.

Colbie Caillat performed a whimsical version of "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch that made me want to sway a lighter right there in my own living room.

Oh, and I learned something. Ever since "Bubbly" hit the radio waves, I've been pronouncing her last name as "kul-let" but it's "kal-ee-a." Hmm, who knew I'd receive pop culture information from a sports game?

What'd you think of the ladies' performances? Which was your favorite?


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