6 Drool-Worthy Celebrity Dads

christian baleWhat is it about a baby that increases a guy's hotness-factor by 100 percent? And if he's famous like the dads featured here -- Christian Bale, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughey -- well, that only adds to his appeal. Ladies, prepare yourselves for a panty-change after you get a gander at our six favorite hot celebrity dads.


Christian Bale

He may be prone to temper tantrums, but let’s face it: The guy knows how to play a dark anti-hero. Which makes it all the more touching and sweet to see him out and about with his gorgeous blond-tressed daughter, Emmeline, now 5 years old and ready for kindergarten. Quick, to the bat-cave -- I need a cold shower!

David Beckham

He’s the most famous soccer player in the world, but his greatest role is clearly as a dad to his boys Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8) and Cruz (5). He can be spotted all over the internet with all three puppies piled precariously on his athletic frame -- and from all reports, his charity work with underprivileged kids is just as nurturing. Goal!

david beckham
Matthew McConaughey

Whoever though this bad-boy would be tamed? Clearly his days of naked-bongos are behind him as Matthew totes around his tot Levi (2) and new babe Vida (7 months). The twangy Texan even blogs about how great it is to be a dad. And whether he’s at the beach (where his six-pack abs compete with the kids for attention) or out and about, you can feel the family love.

matthew mcconaughey
Hugh Jackman

The Aussie X-Men star is dad to Oscar (10) and Ava (5), and don’t doubt that he’s a hands-on dad. Photographed all over -- from the New York subway to Australian football games -- he’s always active, involved and seemingly having a great time with his kids.

hugh jackman

Gabriel Aubry

The chiseled, windswept Canadian model split from his daughter Nahla’s mom -- Halle Berry -- but that hasn’t stopped him from making the 2-year-old tot a high priority. In fact, things have gotten ugly between him and Berry as they argue over custody. Anyone can see he’s been a great dad all along, and we have no doubt he’ll continue to be his daughter’s #1 man no matter what.

gabriel aubry

Cam Gigandet

Okay, so he’s a very, very bad vampire in Twilight, but seeing pics of him with 1-year-old Everleigh makes our blood run hot again. He’s a babe with a babe -- and girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff at his side -- and makes us all feel like daddy’s girls.

cam gigandet

Which hot celebrity dad is your favorite?


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