'The Hills': Who's Going to Get Theirs in the Series Finale?

the hills season finaleThe Hills series finale is tonight and we'll all be watching to see who will go down in a blaze of back-handed comments.

What would really be great, of course, would be to see our favorite Hills characters we love to hate get a dressing down on national television for all the world to see, rewind, and see again.

The nominees for worst-behaved, and most deserving of a public spanking are:


Spencer Pratt

The worst person to ever show up on The Hills (this includes you, Justin Bobby), the most satisfying thing to have happen would be a giant party where everyone simply ignores Spencer and his antics. No matter how hard he tries, other Hillsies just look right through him as if he weren't even there, like his flesh-colored beard.

Heidi Montag

Yes she's leaving Spencer, so we're hoping she gets her brain back and can find some kind of normalcy after the whacked out life she's been leading in seclusion with a maniac. However, Heidi's got to take some responsibility for alienating every single person in her life -- especially her family. I want to see Heidi sobbing, telling her mother and sister they were right about Spencer, the plastic surgery, and the crystals.

Brody Jenner

More for his "I know I'm so irresistible to the ladies" attitude than anything he's done to Kristin, it would still be great to see Brody dissed by his new gf (Avril, are you listening?) in front of Kristin and his motorcycle buddies.

Kristin Cavallari

If the constant "goodbye" sneak peeks are anything to go on, Kristin is getting the heck out of Beverly Hills. Before she goes, I would like to see someone -- anyone but Brody -- tell her that just because she wants a man, it doesn't mean she gets him. So stop pouting about it and grow up.


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