Liz Vassey & Melina Kanakaredes Leave 'CSI' -- Sela Ward to Step In?

melina kanakaredes leaves csiIn another departure for the CSI franchise, Stella has left the building. Rumors are that Sela Ward will be tapped to play the latest investigator of the crime scenes.

Melina Kanakaredes will wrap up her stint on CSI: NY leaving evidence unexamined and crimes unsolved. After six seasons Kanakaredes isn't saying why exactly she's leaving, just that she's made lots of wonderful friends.

Liz Vassey was released from her role on CSI (the original) and Eddie Cibrian was let go from CSI: Miami. That's quite a shake-up for the uber-successful crime series.


Why so many changeovers? If they all had left and said, "Listen, I cannot stomach the gruesome medical details for one more day," that would have made a lot of sense. As it is, it seems like a brutal house cleaning.

Will you miss Stella, Wendy, and Jesse?


Image via CBS

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