Spencer and Heidi Divorce Made Spencer Homeless?

spencer pratt tweet

It makes me laugh that Spencer Pratt of The Hills considers shacking up at the friggin' Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood during his divorce with wife Heidi as being homeless


Trust me, Spency-poo, dining at the Dakota and partying at Teddy's, which are both hot spots located at the hotel, is a far cry from homelessness. If that was the case, then someone please take my tiny apartment.

In fact, according to his recent tweets, he is in the midst of planning a party. Hmm ... so since he's "homeless," his party must be including lots of 40s, scraps of McDonald's dug from trash bins, and outfits made of sheets. For some reason, I don't think that's going to be the case. Except for maybe the 40s ... Brody Jenner seems to always have one of those in his hands.

Poor poor Spencer, I have no sympathy for you or your flesh-colored beard, but here's an imaginary quarter. Hey, maybe you should use all of those crystals that you've collected to build a bright shiny castle in the hills. You are, after all, King Spencer.

Now that would be an epic season finale.

Do you feel sorry for Spencer? 


Image via Twitter.com

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