Harvey Pekar, Creator of 'American Splendor,' Dead at 70

harvey pekar dead at 70American Splendor comic book writer Harvey Pekar was found dead in his home by his creative partner and wife this morning. Pekar was 70 years old.

His life and work were chronicled in a movie by the same name in 2003, starring Paul Giamatti. Pekar was an obscure artist and writer who also chronicled the mundane in his series.

Pekar's wife reports that even though he was battling prostate cancer, he had gone to bed Sunday afternoon feeling well. She found him beside his bed around 1 a.m. on Monday. No cause of death has been determined.



At one point Harvey Pekar was a regular on Late Night With David Letterman, until this, one of the most uncomfortable interviews with David Letterman in history, put an end to his air time:


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