Lindsay Lohan Has No Intention of Going to Jail

lindsay lohan not going to jailLindsay Lohan will do whatever it takes: starting a Facebook campaign, hiring a new lawyer, writing subliminal messages on her fingertips ... to stay out of jail.

Hey Lindsay, here's a great way to stay out of jail -- don't drive under the influence putting other people's lives in danger. That, and pay attention to the details of your probation. Then, voila! You totally won't go to jail.


According to a friend of the jailbird, Lindsay is blaming her sentence on her lawyer (again, did your lawyer get the DUI?) and hopes with the new one in place she'll beat this thing.

Jail is no joke, and while I feel for the 24-year-old, when you consume too much alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car, you become a potential killer. Lindsay may need rehab, but she also needs to see that she has to pay for what she did instead of skipping off to Cannes and ignoring her probation she received for the DUI charge.

Lindsay says she's being treated differently because she's a celebrity. If she winds up not having to serve time, then yeah, I'd say she is being treated differently because she's a celebrity.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will get out of her jail sentence?

Image via Splash News

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