Anna Champan: Who Should Play Her in the Movie?

Anna ChapmanSex, scandal, spies, it's only a matter of time before Anna Chapman's story is a movie. So who should play her?

Kelly Osbourne for one would like to.

"I am absolutely intrigued by the Russian spy story in the news," Osbourne told"I love it! It's like a film! I bet someone's already planning to turn it in to a movie - I want to play the glamorous red-haired one, Anna Chapman, who everyone's talking about."


Hmmm, I'm not sure I see Osbourne in that role. While she's looking good these days, she's never struck me as particularly sexy. And if there's one thing Chapman is, it's sexy. Perhaps Osbourne could play one of the other spies.

Some other people who I think might be better fits for Chapman's role:

Megan Fox

Jessica Biel

Angelina Jolie

Scarlett Johansson

Who would you like to see play Anna Champman in a movie?


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