New Lady Gaga Song, 'You and I,' Is for Her BFFs

Lady GagaThis past week, I saw Lady Gaga in concert at Madison Square Garden and not only was her show even better than the first time I saw her back in January, but she included new songs from her next album in her lineup.

One in particular, titled "You and I," is already starting to get quite the buzz, especially after she performed it on the Today show this morning, decked out in a white bra and crazy sparkly sunglasses (I'd expect no less in terms of outrageousness from her.)


The crowd at the concert loved it, the crowd seems to be loving it on the show ... it's definitely going to be a hit. She explained, right before she performed the song, that she wrote it for her friends who have stood by her this whole time. From the beginning when she was singing in bars in Manhattan's Lower East Side to now, pop music sensation, through heartbreaks, drug and drinking problems, and family issues.

It's been quite the road for Gaga but it seems like she hasn't forgotten where she came from, and those that have helped her along the way.

Check out the song and tell me what you think!


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