'Big Brother 12' Recap: Let the Games Begin!

Big Brother 12 cast in swimsuits
Cast of Big Brother 12
Big Brother 12 premiered last night and I'm already anxious for the next episode!

It started with the usual "I'm oh so smart, but I'm not telling anyone!" This season has a genius (literally), a chemist, a doctor, and somebody with a PhD in Communications. Wait, why do I feel like we're playing one of these things is not like the other?

At any rate, they're a bunch of smarties and they're almost all attractive. Oh, Big Brother, you never change.


So far, a handful of houseguests are entertaining enough to make up for the ones so boring, they barely got airtime. Like Rachel, the chemist with big boobs who swears she isn't actually ditzy, she just plays it on TV. Except that she called Andrew's yamaka a Yom Kippur. And Enzo, who would be perfect for Jersey Shore, if only he were the least bit attractive. Then there's Brendon who ... well, I guess he's not so much entertaining as he is great eye candy, but you get the idea.

But who cares about the houseguests, there's a Head of Household competition to win! They have to jump onto a huge wiener (basically a long, thin punching bag) and swing across to the other side. Everyone's slipping and sliding, and cute little Britney falls off and hurts her knee, or some such body part. They all pretend to care for a minute, and then her team wins and Hayden becomes the first HOH!

Just when you think the show's over, the lights go out, it's pitch black, and the saboteur strikes by padlocking the food room so they all have to eat slop. The thing is, almost everyone was lounging by the couches when it happened. So who was missing?

Brendon: He supposedly wanted to go brush his teeth. In the dark abyss.

Andrew: First, he creepily stood in the bedroom while Brendon stumbled out. Then he was making noises and throwing pillows to scare the other houseguests.

Andrew seems the obvious choice, but my bet is that Brendon is the saboteur. He was being very loud about not being the saboteur earlier in the episode, and he had a guilty look on his face when telling the houseguests that he was just brushing his teeth. I have to say, if he IS the saboteur, he is an awful, awful liar.

Who do you think is the saboteur? What do you think of the houseguests?


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