DJ Tiesto, LeBron James, and Twitter Hoaxes Gone Wild

Recently the Internet started buzzing with the rumor that Dutch musician DJ Tiesto was dead after a fatal car accident. However, according to his Twitter account, he's alive and well.

In this instance, Tiesto used Twitter to set the record straight. But more often than not, people love to start rumors by sending out totally false tweets. And you never know who's going to start one! 

This morning P. Diddy posted the following news about LeBron James on his Twitter account:

P Diddy Tweet

After that he tweeted again, saying, "I'm only jokin!!! I always wanted to start a twitter rumor!! He's goin to miami!"

I can't even imagine how many people he fooled with that one. And that's not all ...


Earlier this year there was a widely reported story that emerged about Michael Lohan posting to Twitter that Lindsay was HIV-positive. Michael said it was a hacker. Lindsay said it was her dad. What a mess!

This year on April Fool's Day Ryan Seacrest got his Twitter account hacked. Someone revealed the American Idol host's embarrassing password (thirdnipple!) and caused an online traffic jam.

Celebrity death rumors spread across Twitter like wildfire. Some of the well-known hoaxes include "news" that Harrison Ford's yacht had capsized, George Clooney's private plane had gone down, Miley Cyrus was in a car accident, and Natalie Portman had tumbled off the same cliff that claimed Jeff Goldblum.

Even if any of these rumors started on a gossip website, it only takes one or two re-tweets to light up the Internet -- especially when there is a celebrity concerned.

Are you on Twitter? Do you believe all the tweets you read?


Image via Twitter

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