Justin Bieber Doesn't Hate Korea, But His Mom Hates the Idea of Him Sleeping Around

Justin BieberThe latest FALSE Internet rumor is that Justin Bieber hates North Korea, but what is true is that his mother hates the idea of him being swept up by his fame and sleeping around like too many of Hollywood's young hotties.

Mom, Pattie Mallette, talked about her son's love life with E! as part of the special, Justin Bieber: My World, which airs tonight.

“He has expressed his desire to stay pure and honor women and treat women with respect, hopefully that stays that way,” she said.


Mallette says while she feels like the attention from the younger girls is innocent, it's the older women that she feels may go too far.

"It worries me when there are actually older women who ... they flirt with Justin, they express inappropriate things toward him. Obviously as a mom, nobody wants that for their son."

My son is only 6, but I completely feel for Mrs. Mallette, who must look in awe at her talented son, then in fear (mixed with perhaps a little contempt) at all the girls who want her baby ... some surely in the biblical sense.

I already scrutinize the kindergartners with a crush on my sweet boy to see if I think they would be good enough for him, how they may corrupt him with their wily womanly ways ... yeah, I know I'm going to suck as a mother-in-law.

But seriously, it's usually girls and their sexuality we worry about protecting, but girls can be aggressive, and boys, well, they don't always think with what's on their shoulders ... so I can only imagine her fears.

For now, it sounds like Justin, 16, and his mom see eye-to-eye on his physical relationships ... or lack thereof.

“Right now I’m like so busy anyways so just have fun, hang out with girls and stuff. Try not to take it too seriously,” Biber says on the special.

Of course, time will tell. Lindsay Lohan once seemed like a sweet little thing ...

Do you empathize with Justin Bieber's mom's wishes that her son stay "pure"? Do you think he will?


Image via Kerosene Photography/Flickr

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