Lindsay Lohan Fingernail Diss & Other Celebs' Odd Court Behavior

lindsay lohan fingernail

Why do some celebrities act like they're above the law?

Lindsay Lohan must have thought she was pretty tricky -- writing the crass "f&ck you" message on her fingernail during her court hearing yesterday. But it's hard to know who's getting the last laugh, now that her nemesis Judge Marsha Revel has slapped her with a 90-day jail sentence plus another 90 days in rehab.

Exactly what was LiLo trying to achieve with the fingernail diss seen round the world -- beyond acting like a ridiculous petulant child? Far from eliciting sympathy from fans, this type of behavior convinces us even more that this young woman not only thinks the law is a joke, but she's in need of some serious help.

And yet, Lindsay isn't the only celebrity to act out in court. Here's a look back at other celebrities' odd courtroom behavior:


After Winona Ryder was arrested in 2002 for allegedly stealing nearly $5,000 worth of store merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue and possession of painkillers, she was notorious for being a no-show in front of the judge and trying to postpone her hearings (hmmm ... sound familiar, Lindsay?). After the fourth postponement, Ryder finally appeared for testimony only to break her arm outside of the courthouse during the lunch recess. She was supposedly injured when photographers shoved her trying to get a better shot ... or so the story goes. Nevertheless, the injury resulted in a fifth hearing postponement.

One of the (many) disturbing things about Michael Jackson's 2005 child molestation case was the day he showed up in court looking sick, disheveled, and wearing his pajamas under a blazer. His lawyer originally told the judge that he would not make an appearance because of back problems; but when the judge threatened to arrest him, the King of Pop arrived -- albeit 1 hour and 40 minutes late.

How do you explain such odd celebrity behavior in front of the law? What do you think about Lindsay's fingernail message?

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