Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson: New Couple Alert!

Jessica SimpsonIt's yet another footballer who has scored Jessica Simpson's affection. This time it's reportedly Eric Johnson, a former tight end for the San Francisco 49ers.

A source told TMZ that the couple has been dating since May and is "very happy." 


Johnson, who also played for the New Orleans Saints, filed for divorce from his wife in February. Simpson, of course, divorced Nick Lachey in 2006.

People love to mock Jessica, and it's true she does come off as a ditz (Will anyone ever forget her chicken of the sea pondering?).

And, she may not brush her teeth all that often. But ever since Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, I've had a soft spot for her. I really hope she finds happiness with a good guy.

And at least Johnson is a former player so people can't accuse poor Jessica of jinxing the games like they did when she was dating her former beau, Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

Image via jvh33/Flickr

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