Kendra Wilkinson Vs. Olivia Munn: Hot Chicks In Hardcover

Olivia Munn Suck It!
Kendra Wilkinson Sliding Into Home













Two new memoirs invoke the battle between Betty and Veronica. On the one hand, Kendra Wilkinson's Sliding Into Home is the story of a vapid blond who’s been in Playboy and shops for jeans on her reality show. On the other is Olivia Munn’s Suck It, Wonder Woman!, the tale of a brunette who … well, she’s also been in Playboy, but with her clothes on, and she’s also funny and a geek and now a correspondent for the Daily Show. I think I know which is my favorite.
Which hot chick will make for a better lite summer read?


Crap, I just realized Betty was the un-vapid one. Okay, so my analogy wasn’t perfect, but you get it: blond vs. brunette, geek vs. bunny, sex tape vs. Comedy Central. Let’s compare these memoirs -- what we can see of them in advance (since both publishers remain stingy with their pre-pub copies. Not a good sign).


Olivia Munn

Resume: In addition to her spankin’ new gig on The Daily Show, she’s been a familiar face on the G4 cable network, most notably with Anna David on Attack of the Show. She’s also slated to star in the NBC sitcom Perfect Couples this fall. From what I can see, she speaks Japanese and Vietnamese.

Charity: I have a hard time hating the circus, but I give Munn props for her naked and enthusiastic defense of circus elephants. She also does stuff for Habitat for Humanity. So okay.

Reviews: The one review I could find for Suck It called it “vapid” and “C-list” and a “piece of dreck.” On the other hand, you know what they liked? Something called J.M. Coetzee and Ethics: Philosophical Perspectives on Literature. Which would you rather read at the beach?

Dad: Absent. First stepfather, also an asshole.

Revelation: She invented a custom bra, now being patented, to go with the Wonder Woman costume outfit she had to don for a TV appearance.

 excerpt from Olivia's book


Kendra Wilkinson

Resume: Hef’s girlfriend (one of three featured on The Girls Next Door), reality show star, sex-tape “star,” and naked lady. Barely speaks English.

Charity: Her husband’s celebrity golf tournament, which benefits the Oasis Children’s Advocacy Center in New Mexico, and the Celebrity Catwalk for Charity, which benefits animal rescue.

Reviews: None at press time.

Dad: Dicky flake who locked her and her brother outside on Superbowl Sunday.

Revelation: Ladybugs always make her feel better.
Click the link to read an excerpt from Kendra's book.
Which one will you read -- or heck, will you read both, since each will take about 45 minutes?


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