Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Game: App of the Week

twilight app of the weekGrab your iPhone and immerse yourself in Twi-trivia this weekend so you can keep the Eclipse buzz going.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Game app can be played alone or with your Twi-hard, iPhone owning friends. With almost 500 trivia questions, you can discover how much you really know about Bella, Edward, Jacob and the rest of the gang.

Of course there's the "Who am I?" quiz where you can see which undead Cullen you most resemble.


This free app will literally give you hours of entertainment where you can win trophies for playing. Gain points when you win a challenge and see if you can be the highest ranking "fanpire" of all.

Love that, "fanpire." I'm going to use that all weekend.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Game (FREE!) -- iTunes


Image via iTunes

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