Jason Didn’t Know That Bethenny Frankel Was on TV: 'Bethenny Getting Married?' Recap

bethenny's getting marriedDid ya hear? Bethenny’s getting married!

On this week’s show about something we all know already happened, it’s getting down to the wire and Bethenny is kicking her wedding planner's ass like he’s Kelly Bensimon on a boat.

We get to see Bethenny’s bridal shower, where I seriously sympathize with her as another pregnant bride who blew up the day of the shower -- I couldn’t wear what I planned to wear either. She might have screamed louder than I did, but I also didn’t have to forgo a lovely Marc Jacobs frock that fit only three days prior.


The fun thing about Bethenny Getting Married? is we get to know Jason. Who clearly had no idea his wedding was going to be written about on Page Six and that people might want to profit on any photos of pregnant bride, Bethenny Frankel. I bet Jason also doesn’t know about the Bethenny/Jill, Bethenny/LuAnn, Bethenny/Kelly feuds. Jason might not even know Bethenny’s last name.

And this is why Bethenny must rely on Buster from Arrested Development to plan her entire wedding. Buster takes a lot. He travels to Jersey to find the perfect red velvet cake. (Hell, I’d have had him travel to South Carolina if you really want the real deal.) When he returns with his cake report, Bethenny says she will RIP HIS DICK OFF if the cake isn’t fantastic. Yep. Then her dog bites him. I bet that guy drinks at night.

In a truly sympathetic moment, as Jason and Bethenny meet with their officiant, Bethenny has to say out loud that she has no family coming to the wedding. As she breaks down and cries, I feel for that lady. Her father has just passed away and she describes her mother as “a crazy person” who she does not want at her wedding. We learn more about what Bethenny had to go through as a child in her (televised) therapy session. And learn that Bethenny has been ripping her wedding planner’s balls off.

The rest of the episode is lovely as we join the happy couple on the day before their wedding at their beautiful rehearsal dinner where Bethenny presents Jason with some really terrible art as a wedding present.

Only one day away! Let’s see if she walks, or has to be pushed, down the aisle.

Tune in next week.


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