Lindsay Lohan Has a Star-Sighting, 'Mad Men' Star Has a Crappy Car: Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Here they are ... the best of this week's celebrity tweets straight from the smartphones of your fave celebrities (or at least my fave).

Kim Kardashian has a new wax figure! Don't tell my husband, he'll run to Madame Tussauds and get arrested. I kid; he's got me. But it really is odd, how much you can't tell them apart.












Improv comic and host of Current Sarah Haskins has found the secret to feeling really, really socially awkward. Related: I have a Jack in the Box by my house, and it's even a drive-through, and I still can't bring myself to go.












Uhmigud! Lindsay Lohan saw Ellen Page in a cute car! Uhmigud! Look, I just can't resist a good LiLo tweet, especially when it comes between manic phases. I know it's wrong and I'm working on it.











News flash: Meet the Fockers actor Ben Stiller has the world's most hideous taste in music. That is just sad and upsetting. I guess I should be glad he didn't say John Mayer. (Can I get an amen? High five? Nothing? You leaving me hanging?)












I know I'm in the minority here, but I think Moxie Crimefighter is a fine celeb-kid name. Moxie is just friggin cute, and Crimefighter is hilarious, and who cares if it's a middle name? I remember Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller describing, on his radio show, how he hoped someday that his daughter's license plate would get her out of a speeding ticket -- sounds like it's already working.













Okay, maybe we've had enough of Conan O'Brien joking about his Tonight Show debacle. Oh no wait. We haven't. Cuz this one made me snicker.













And finally, your Mad Men fix of the day. Rich Sommer plays that one guy with the horn-rimmed glasses. His friend who plays Pete Campbell made fun of his car in an interview. Look, people, I really miss Mad Men. I'll take whatever I can get. Besides, it's funny:












Which one's your fave?

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