Kristen Stewart on David Letterman: She Prefers Wolves

Kristen Stewart on David Letterman
Kristen Stewart, who's never been one to do a graceful interview (or acceptance speech, or a simple walk down the red carpet), was on David Letterman last night promoting her new Twilight film, Eclipse.


Dave asked her about her pet, Jack, who is a wolf hybrid. "It's my mom's deal. Maybe she had a bit of empty nest syndrome; she needed to raise more children and they're really hard to train and take care of."

"But he's really sweet. He falls at my feet."

Yeah, he looks awfully cute and cuddly with those bloodied, dismembered bones in the background.

But, I have to say, she kept the twitching and mumbling to a minimum. Well done, Kristen.

Did you see her on David Letterman? What'd you think of the interview?


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