Lady Gaga & Barack Obama in Tight Facebook Race

barack obama facebook fanslady gaga facebook fansAs of right this second, Barack Obama has 9,241,598 Facebook fans. Lady Gaga has 9,409,544 Facebook fans.

Choose or lose, ladies and gentlemen.

Both are in spitting distance of the world Facebook record of 10 million fans -- more than any living person. (Michael Jackson has surpassed both of them, but alas, is no longer living.)


In what can only be described as a bi-partisan get out the vote effort by Chris Matyszczyk of CNET, there can be only one "first 10 million Facebook fans" winner and YOU must choose who that superstar will be.

I know! It's so hard since they share so many of the same positions.

Matyszczyk claims you cannot vote for both, because that's the same as not voting at all. Which bums me out because I do like both candidates, but had long ago become a fan of our President. However, Lady Gaga seems to be taking the lead without my help, so I'm sure she'll get over it.

I'm just so glad I voted because if I didn't, you know, I'd have no right to complain about Obama's position in Afghanistan or Lady Gaga's wig.

Who are you voting for? President Obama or Lady Gaga?


Images (left to right): Facebook, Facebook

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