'Eclipse' Star Taylor Lautner Lives With His Parents, Does Chores

The Twilight Sage: Eclipse star Taylor Lautner told Matt Lauer on the TODAY show that his life has not changed at all since he became Jacob, the werewolf with six-pack abs. At least when he's at home.

Sure the kid is on the press junket for Eclipse, and screaming fans are crying just thinking about what they would give for a lock of his spiky black hair. But the 18-year-old star lives a quiet life at home with his family, and is expected to do chores, just like everyone else.


Of course, those of you on Team Jacob didn't need any other reason to love the teen heartthrob. But it makes me feel good when the kid stars have a supportive family to keep them grounded. Makes it less likely they'll end up on TMZ in crotchless panties drooling on themselves.

Although I could imagine it would put a kink in dating when your parents are watching your curfew. That's where the Jacob fantasty ends -- no one wants to sleep over with mom and dad in the next room.

Do you think Taylor Lautner should get his own grown-up pad?


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