Michael Jackson Glove Fetches $190K

Michael Jackson's StarOn the anniversary of his death, fans spent more than $1 million on Michael Jackson memorabilia at a Las Vegas auction.

Among the sales:$190,000 for his famous crystal glove.

Darren Julien, who ran the auction, said the glove was only expected to sell for $20,000-$30,000, and that many other items were sold for many times more than their estimated value as well. 

The winning bidder and new owner of the glove is a woman named Wanda Kelley of Los Angeles, who also bought several other items at the auction.

"Let's just say I wasn't walking out of here without that glove," Kelley told the Las Vegas Sun.

Other of Jackson's items sold included:



A pair of his shoes worn on stage -- $90,000

The jacket he wore during his famous interview with Barbara Walters -- $120,000

A white Fedora -- $56,250

One his last autographs dated June 24, 2009 -- $21,000.

Julien told KTLA news that the auction was "unlike anything he'd ever seen in his 15 years of business."

Fans flew in from around the world to attend the auction, which was held at Planet Hollywood. While the Jackson items were the main draw, other celebrity items were also auctioned off for some serious cash including:

 A Jimi Hendrix Fender guitar -- $180,000

 Prince's "Purple Rain" handwritten lyrics -- $66,000

One of Elvis Presley's shirts -- $61,200

Wow, people really love their memorabilia. Even if I had that kind of cash, I don't think that's how I'd choose to spend it. But I guess good for them if they do.

Do you understand the allure of collecting celebrity memorabilia?

Image via Serch/Flickr

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