Kate Gosselin Gets Botox: Conspiracy?

kate gosselin and kidsIf Kate Gosselin wants to inject her face with Botox, why should we criticize? It's not our face. It's hers. Just like I don't care if another mom wants to exclusively formula feed because she's afraid to even try breastfeeding. Well, actually I do care a little -- I wish the mom was more informed.

Kate's informed. She's lived. She's a mom to eight children! Eight! Twins first, then sextuplets. Six babies in one pregnancy. I had twins and it was tight in my belly. I cannot imagine six of them in there.

And even if you hate Kate, Jon is kind of a pud. She had to put up with him just as much as he had to put up with her.

The only reason I'm upset that Kate got the botulism injection (if she even did -- April suggests maybe it's just her hair pulled back tight) is because it's bad Botox. And in my opinion, Kate deserves good Botox. Well, a good doctor to inject it in the right place. (Check out pics below.)


kate gosselin botox

When she was on Dancing With the Stars, she looked amazing. Dancing was horrendous, yes, but the hair! The body! All for a woman with eight children and going through a nasty, very public divorce. I say bra-effen-o, Kate. Good for you. And please never do that spiked in the back hairdo again.

But who is this Dr. Jekyll who pricked Kate in the wrong spots? Was Dr. Rey (Dr. 90210) on vacation? Was Michael Jackson's doctor behind this? This man needs to have his license revoked. And I'm assuming it's a man for the same reasons I go to a lady vagina doctor -- she has the same parts as me, so she knows the female body better -- probably paid more attention in medical school since when talking about the vulva and uterus and fallopian tubes, she was thinking about her own vulva and uterus and fallopian tubes. So a woman doc wouldn't just inject a scared look onto another woman's face unless she hated that woman.

Oh ... wait! Could the doctor in charge be on Team Jon? Gasp!


Image (top to bottom): TLC; UsMagazine

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