Justin Bieber Mom Offer: $50K to Pose for 'Playboy'

justin bieberPlayboy has just offered Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, $50,000 to pose topless.

It's bad enough the Biebs has to have his mom travel with him, totally cock-blocking him with Kim Kardashian, but posing bare-breasted? Moooom, how embarrassing!

A couple of things are wrong with this picture. First of all, Justin's mother is only 34! I had no idea I was old enough to have a Bieber.

Secondly, does every single lady who winds up tangentially famous now have to assume she'll be fielding an offer from Hef to take off her clothes?


Just wait, there'll be a "Blogger Playmate of the Month" and yours truly will be showing my stuff. (Note -- not really, not at all, not never.)

I doubt Ms. Mallette will agree to such a thing -- she seems to keep a tight rein on her superstar boy and would know this would not set a fantastic example. Because what could she say when Justin wants to perform on a stripper pole after his racy Vanity Fair photo spread hits the stands? Nothing, that's what.

Do you think Justin Bieber's mom should pose topless in Playboy?

Image via JonasIsMyMiddleName :)/Flickr

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