Vanessa Bryant Hates Khloe Kardashian Plus 3 More Famous Feuds

khloe kardashianPoor Khloe Kardashian. She not only feuds with her famous clan, but she has some haters courtside as well. Kobe's wife, Vanessa Bryant, isn't too fond of her husband's teammate's wifey. Though Lamar Odom and Kobe are supposedly tight.

Vanessa has reportedly gone as low as calling Khloe a "fake wife." Foul! Wonder if Khloe has a fake pregnancy to go along with that. Zing! The two stay away from each other and Vanessa apparently hates the whole Kardashian family, labeling them fame whores.

My verdict in this match? I'm going to put on my Team Khloe shirt now. Sorry, Vanessa. Your boobs are way too big and always out -- you shouldn't be pointing fingers at others saying they are attention seekers.

And now on to the next celebrity cat fight ...


Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. Oh just when things quieted down for Montag (I mean Speidi is no more and we've exhausted the plastic surgery remarks), here I go bringing her up again. But cute LC and sweet young Heidi used to be The Hills' bestest besties. They both changed. A lot. And it's all Spencer's fault. Because, well, everything that goes wrong in Heidi's life can be pinned on him. Verdict: Team Heidi. I kid! I kid! Team Lauren all the way. But if Heidi was old Heidi and not plastic Heidi, maybe I'd be a bit more like Switzerland.

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Pop tarts are too young to have frenemies, but not so for Miley and Selena. Nick Jonas is the Spencer Pratt in this tale -- only without the ugly and much more studly. Oh I am way too old to have written that! Nick dated Miley first. Then went out with Selena. OMG! WTF? Miley was apparently so pissed, she made a YouTube video mocking Gomez. She made fun of her clothes and the gap in her front teeth. Gasp! BFF no more! Verdict: Team Selena. Only because Miley's voice sounds like she smokes three packs of cigarettes a day and that she gargles with whiskey. She doesn't though ... right?

Kendra Wilkinson and Jenna Jameson. Kendra is a fun-loving, carefree spirit. And wouldn't you think a porn star would be, too? Nuh, uh for Jenna Jameson. Jenna criticized Kendra's on-stage antics during a rap concert saying her booty dancing was inappropriate now that she's a mom. Verdict: Team Kendra. Okay Jenna. Let's make sure your twins (your children, not your breasts) never stumble across the replicas of your vagina and butt. Yeah, they exist ... they are really expensive sex toys.

Whose side do you take in these celebrity feuds?


Image via Yusuf C/Flickr

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