Lady Gaga Magic & Kim Kardashian Curse: Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Back after a brief hiatus -- a look at the best, weirdest, and funniest tweets straight from the thumbs of our favorite celebrities!

First up: Lady Gaga reporting on a "magical house" she's staying in. Now, we all heard that she took a tumble at Heathrow Airport, but nobody said where she was headed. My guess? She accidentally locked herself in a carry-on bin and can't tell the difference. (Related question: Doesn't she have to take those boots off to go through security?)











I'm underwhelmed by the news that Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin will have their own show. Very nice that they're one of the few long-lasting celebrity marriages. But defining them as "celebrities," at this point, really stretches the term. (That being said, I think we all know I'm going to watch it.)











How about your weekly dose of Joan Rivers one-liners? What do you mean, you don't wanna? Hold your nose and take it. She's a classic.











Can someone explain Tila Tequila to me? I had to ask my husband, and he gave me a whole run-down, and I still don't get it. Her Twitter feed is cuckoo. She has a Tila Army! And she says things I cannot comprehend. But she's right about this Adam Lambert getup.











Now, let's talk about the World Cup. I know you guys follow my every post, but just in case you missed it: I suggested that star USA player Jozy Altidore get together with a Kardashian to continue the "K Effect," a winning streak caused by coupling with a Kardashian. Well GUESS WHAT. He is BFFs with Kim's ex Reggie Bush, so my evil plan either got a lot more or a lot less possible.











On a side note, you know those annoying horns, the Vuvuzelas, that people honk at every match? Guess what. They have their own Twitter feed. Several, in fact. And I am so, so easily amused.











Finally, this tweet about "the quarter curse" set off a flurry of in-the-know responses from Kim Kardashian's pals. I have googled and come up empty. Anyone have any idea what she's on about? Can you tell me in the comments?

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