Facebook: 8 Reasons Why 20-Something Moms Don't Need a Guide

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Sure, as a twenty-something mom, I'm not quite as cool as I once was. I may not understand the appeal of Justin Bieber or even what he does (does he sing? act? is he on the Disney channel?), but I do know how to use Facebook without the help of a guide. Here's why...


1. I can figure out how to work a baby monitor, put a crib together, and can make dinner while doing the dishes and folding laundry all at the same time. I promise all that is way more complicated than a status update.

2. I'm fairly sure Facebook was created by someone younger than me. Of course I can figure out how to navigate it.

3. Facebook asks you what's on your mind. You don't need a degree to figure out what's on your mind, now do you?

4. The younger generation may text more, but our generation certainly knows our way around a computer.

5. We can figure out how to use anything if it means we don't have to use MySpace ever again.

6. When it comes to finding out what our ex-boyfriends are up to, nothing stands in our way.

7. Everyone and everything has a Facebook page these days. How can we avoid figuring the site out?

8. Facebook is one of the few computer-related things I'm better at than my husband. I'm not giving that up!

Why don't you need a guide for Facebook?


Image via Jennie Canzoneri

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