Lady Gaga and Corpses to Share Stage?

Lady GagaI went to a Lady Gaga concert back in January ... hands-down the best show that I've ever seen. I'm also trying to get tickets to see her show in July, but after hearing who her back-up dancers may be, I'm hesitant.

Who will be sharing the stage with her you ask?

The dead.


Okay, so they may not be doing the monster mash at the Monster Ball, but Gaga is wanting to team up with freaky scientist Gunther von Hagens (who's known for performing the first public autopsy on TV and preserving the bodies for the Body Worlds exhibition) to use real-life corpses in the set design.

Eeek. I'm already getting visuals of dead bodies being brought out on stage while she performs "Monster."

Does the idea of corpses for a show freak you out?


Image via Michael Spencer/Flickr

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