Katy Perry: 17 Stitches & Candy Cane Wishes

katy perryKaty Perry's "California Gurls" is the anthem of the summer. It's like my "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. This sh*& is bananas! Oh how I loved that song. Perfect for dancing up a sweat. And apparently Katy was doing just that -- to a song not yet revealed -- when she took a spill that caused her to get a nasty gash in her leg.

And land her in the hospital.


It all went down (quite literally) when she was in Toronto for the MuchMusic Awards. Katy was doing her slightly robotic yet still so lovable dance moves in a nightclub, when she fell. Those who were there and saw her fall say that it was a result of some very energetic dancing. After she tweeted:

Thinking about getting a candy cane walker made for this performance coming up ... I will be expecting YOU to dance for me, okay?! Oy vey ...

Um ... that would be very cool. However, instead of seeing a super-cool cane or walker, those at the next show saw Katy in a barely visible bandage. There weren't even cool pins on it.

Oh Katy. I expected so much more. But get this ... she had to get 17 stitches. That's no joke and I bet really painful.

Feel better, Katy!

How would you decorate Katy's bandage?


Image via HARHANJAM/Flickr

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