Spencer and Heidi Divorce Watch: Heidi's New Plan

Heidi and Spencer divorce rumors have been around since their fake wedding in Mexico. At first these rumors annoyed me, but keeping up with them has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I always wonder, what can possibly happen next?

The latest news: According to TMZ, Heidi's ready with a lawyer and a plan.


It turns out that Heidi wants a quick and easy divorce, kind of like pulling off a Band-Aid I guess? Or perhaps it's more like breaking up fast enough to make up again before her show with Jen Bunney wraps? To-ma-to, to-mah-to.

Heidi's lawyer, Jodeane Farrell, will serve as mediator between Heidi and Spencer, meeting with them together and dividing their assets. It all sounds so drama-free and un-Speidi-like -- I worry what might come next. Will Spencer start trash-talking Farrell? Will it turn out that they've spent all their money on plastic surgery and crystals? Only time will tell!

Meanwhile, we still have Spencer's Twitter feed to keep us entertained. He celebrated Father's Day by admitting that "this is the day my earth dad wishes he had worn a condom. No joke." I wonder what his dad who's not from Earth wishes ...


Image via MTV.com

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