Miley's Ear Tattoo Is My Fault

miley cyrus ear tattooMiley Cyrus was having some crotch-flashing, ear tattoo-getting fun last week, wasn't she?

Since the teen star can't make a move without all of us talking about it (guilty), Miley decided she would find a way to block out all of that nasty chatter:


"There's so much negativity in the world and what you only need to hear is all the love."

Hence, the LOVE tattoo in her ear.

In addition to the pain of the placement, and the fact that she's only 17 years old and has already been inked twice (isn't that illegal?), getting a tattoo to keep us all from writing about you is a bit counterintuitive. Since here I am, writing about how you got a tattoo INSIDE YOUR EAR and why, exactly, you did it.

I think someone needs a lesson in PR 101.

You see Miley, if you didn't get a tattoo, we'd move on to Jeremy London and Michael Jackson's kids. Precisely because you got that tat -- here I am, again, telling you that you probably made a bad decision. Not because I'm anti-tattoo -- I have one, my husband has one -- but because you're only 17.

No one should make permanent decisions when they're only 17 years old. But hopefully you won't regret it, since it's even more painful to have it removed. Ear t
attoo -- ouch!

Do you think this tattoo will help Miley keep out the bad press?

Image via benyupp/Flickr

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