Khloe Kardashian's Pregnancy Test: Why Did You Take One?

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian may not be pregnant -- despite the persistent rumors -- but she went out and bought a pregnancy test anyway.

She told The Bert Show she was so worked up over the media reports, which said she was waiting until Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami hit the tube to actually announce the bun in her oven, that she needed to make sure they weren't on to something.


US Weekly reports Khloe saying,

"I was like, What if they know something that I don't? That's how confused I got. I was like, I don't wanna lie, so let me figure this out."

OK, so it's a little nuts, but a small part of me gets where she's coming from.

When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I spent month after month after month taking pregnancy tests only to come up with bupkus.

One particular month I took a test that came up negative, and I'd written the month off as yet another failure. I even celebrated my five-year wedding anniversary with my husband, complete with one drunken night to drown my no-baby-making sorrows.

It was following our long weekend away that I made an appointment with my pedicurist. I had just sat down in the chair, when she looked at me and said, "You're pregnant."

I thought she was asking -- she knew we were trying -- and I told her nope, yet another negative test. But she insisted I just "looked pregnant."

I don't hold much stock in "reading auras," but after an hour in the chair with her insisting, I shrugged and agreed to go to the grocery store and buy a new test.

You know where this is going, don't you? Finally pregnant, and after jumping into my husband's arms and some serious snogging, I called my pedicurist to celebrate the good news.

Sometimes other people really do know best.

Why did you take your pregnancy test?


Image via Yusuf C/Flickr

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