Did You Watch 'The Real L Word'?

the real l wordAfter seeing billboards all over town that implied a show 100 percent about hot lesbian sex, I was certainly curious about seeing if that's what The Real L Word was all about. It didn't seem likely, but sadly I missed the season premiere so I still don't know if they went with the blatant appeal to lasciviousness, or told some great stories about interesting women who just happen to be gay.


Watching the interviews, there is nothing to dispel this marketing as they ask the ladies about the craziest place they have sex, their first sexual experience, when they knew they were attracted to women while flashing to scantily clad club scenes. Again, the implication is being a lesbian is all about sex, sex, sex.

Regardless, I still haven't seen it so I can't comment on the soft porn marketing approach vs. reality. But I do hope it's also about showing normality rather than simply going for shock value. Who am I kidding? It's reality TV.

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Are you going to watch The Real L Word?

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