5 Reasons Kendra Wilkinson's Book Doesn't Feel Very Kendra

kendra wilkinson sliding into homeKendra Wilkinson's book, Sliding Into Home, a memoir, is coming out July 6. And I'm very confused.

I'm not a hater, as Kendra would say. I quite like the bubbly blonde. But I feel there's something very odd about the book's cover, the title, and what the book is all about. There's a great disconnect for me.

It's a memoir and yes, a photo of the star should be on the cover. But where is the fun? The wit? The playfulness?

Where's the Kendra we all know and love (well, except for Jenna Jameson)?

Here are my thoughts on how the book should really be represented ....


1. Change the title. Sliding Into Home is a baseball reference. Kendra's husband, Hank Baskett, plays football. Okay, she played softball when she was a kid, but still.

2. Put Kendra in a better outfit. Is it an apron? A dress? I'm not sure, but I do know it is ugly. A '50s-style apron with Kendra holding a pie in her hand would have been more cheeky. Or even Kendra wearing sporty shorts and a t-shirt sitting on a porch with a Playboy in her hand would have been more exciting.

3. Play up the sex factor. If you didn't know who Kendra was, would you ever expect to get some juicy Playboy mansion sex stories out of this book based on the cover? Way too cookie-cutter without any irreverence.

4. Give readers more to chew on. Her father left when she was a kid. She got into drugs. Got off them. Became a dental assistant who ended up in Playboy. Her story is as good as, if not better than, Tori Spelling's and Tori's book Mommywood seems like a far better read and I'm not as big of a fan of Tori as I am of Kendra.

5. Show off some scandal. Kendra dated a guy who was old enough to be her grandfather, who was also dating two other women, and she knew about it and was friends with them, AND she started dating Hank on the sly when she was still with Hef. This cover makes me think I'm going to read about a Stepford wife.

I think if the title was more Kendra, then more people would be reading.

Something like Kendra: Truly Uncovered, From Tomboy to Playboy to Mom of a Baby Boy. I'll admit, that needs a little work, but even my quick attempt is better than the name she went went with. If Kendra wants to write a second memoir, she should call me.

What do you think of Kendra's book title and cover?


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