David Blaine Levitation Secrets Revealed

Warning: If you still want to believe in magic and don't want your illusions dissed, then don't watch the following video that explains how David Blaine is able to seemingly levitate himself off of the ground and float in the air.

If you're like me and simply can't resist knowing how he does it, then click away.


Basically, he stands on his toes to create the illusion of levitation. Even after watching the video a couple of times, I'm still not sure I could replicate the act (yes, I've been trying as my children look on confused). But apparently Brittny's recent date can!

It definitely takes some balance skills, and it's amazing how real it looks.

But for the big levitation scenes where he really gets some air, there are mechanical devices and wires that help him hover.

Kind of a bummer that he can't really do it, but I guess I never really believed he could.

If you wish to be further disillusioned, then here's another video that reveals one of Blaine's card tricks. Not a bad party trick to have up your sleeve.


Do you believe in magic? Does this video change your mind?

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