Pantsless Lady Gaga Banned From Yankees Clubhouse

Lady Gaga at YankeesNever one to shy away from shocking behavior, Lady Gaga misbehaved so badly at Friday night's New York Yankees game that the team banned her from its clubhouse ... permanently.

The New York Post called her "persona non gaga" and said Yankees co-chair Hal Steinbrenner was infuriated by her drunken antics.


Wearing only underwear, a bra, fishnet stockings, and a Yankees jersey, Lady Gaga and two girlfriends entered the clubhouse without permission. Once there she was "swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs."

A source told The Post that after the game Gaga "met six players -- including Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano" and "kept slurring her words trying to say how much she loved the Yankees and how thrilled she was to be inside the exclusive area."

This follows on the heels of the June 10 incident when she flipped off fans after getting pissy about where she was seated. She was also clad in her underwear for that memorable moment.


What do you think of Lady Gaga's bizarre baseball behavior?

Image via Al Bello/Getty

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