Don't Mess With Dina Lohan's Ice Cream

Dina LohanDina Lohan had a major meltdown this week ... over ice cream. Lindsay Lohan's mother was so enraged that a clerk refused to honor her free ice cream privileges that she actually called the cops!

Apparently Carvel offers celebrities a "black card" that allows them to get free treats, but the Lohans have "abused" the privilege. (A Lohan abusing something? Shocking!)

When the clerk denied her the ice cream cake she was trying to buy for her son's birthday and tried to confiscate her card, she called the authorities.


Mama Lohan described the scene to RadarOnline:

"Next minute, four cop cars showed up, there’s a police helicopter over head and this guy makes it seem to the cops that I’m trying to use a stolen credit card -- and for what? Over a free ice cream?!”

"It just shows how we get treated so much worse than regular people,” she complained.

A press release from the ice cream company stated:

"While the card was issued in Lindsay and Ali’s names only, their extended family has repeatedly used the card without either present. At first, we graciously honored their requests while explaining that the Black Card was not a carte blanche for unlimited Carvel Ice Cream for the extended Lohan family and friends.  After more than six months of numerous and large orders for ice cream, we finally had to cut off the card and take it back."

"This is an unfortunate situation where certain people feel entitled to use a celebrity’s name for their own purposes," the release continued.

And one wonders why Lindsay Lohan continues her downward spiral?

What do you think of Dina Lohan's ice cream abuse?

Image via Bryan Bedder/Getty


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