3 Ways to Publish on Facebook and Twitter at the Same Time

twitter on facebookPublishing automatically on Facebook and Twitter -- for simplicity's sake -- is easier than you might think. Here are three ways to turn your tweets into status updates (or vice versa) so that everyone in your network can keep tabs on you every second of every day.


Twitter on Facebook

This Facebook app allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly. Then, when you post to Twitter (in Facebook), your Facebook status will automatically be updated as well. The downsides here? "@reply" Twitter updates won't show up in your Facebook profile box or status. And Facebook only allows a limited number of updates to your profile per day -- so if you're someone who tweets minute-by-minute updates of your oh-so-exciting life, this app isn't for you.

Selective Tweets on Facebook

Selective Tweets, also a Facebook app, allows you to update your Facebook status from Twitter -- but in this case, you get to choose which tweets you want to auto-publish. This is ideal for those frequent tweeters (you know who you are!) who maybe don't want to bombard your Facebook friends with every single post. Just download the app, then end each tweet you want to post to your Facebook status with #fb.


Got a blog? You can transmit your latest blog posts to Twitter and Facebook (via your RSS feed) using a free service like Twitterfeed. Simply sign up on the site, create a feed (using your feed URL), then connect it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you're good to post away!

How do you automatically publish to Facebook and Twitter?

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