Jeremy London Kidnapped, Forced to Take Drugs -- I Say B.S.

Jeremy LondonJeremy London, who you might recognize from the hit show Party of Five, had quite the scary evening last week.

While changing a flat tire, the recovering drug addict was kidnapped by two men, held at gunpoint, and forced to smoke dope.

He was able to escape in the wee hours of the morning, but it's not yet been released how.

Hmm. Is it just me or does this sound a little extravagant? Kind of like the story your child told you when they drew on the wall ... that it was the neighborhood dinosaur that came in and did it, not them.

Someone must have a drug test coming up ...


First off, who's going to force you to do drugs? For drug users, wouldn't that just be a waste of good dope?

Secondly, if I was kidnapped and managed to escape, that's the first thing I'd want people to know about ... how friggin' brave and awesome I was.

Thirdly, why would anyone want to kidnap Jeremy London? I didn't even remember who he was until I read this story.

Two men, who were ironically seen by police driving by as they were "helping" London with his flat tire, have been identified and charged for the incident.

Maybe I'm just being skeptical. What are your thoughts? Think he really did get kidnapped or just looking for an excuse to have drugs in his system?

Image via Splash News

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