'You're Cut Off' Recap: No Morals, Doom, and Omarosa

VH1 You're Cut Off womenIt was another hot mess this week on VH1's You're Cut Off. In Episode 2, Princess Cleaning Services, the spoiled bitches princesses are put to the test.

Respect. Can they learn to respect other people, other people's homes, and one another before their benefactors cut them off for good?

Hmmm, if you're guessing not so much, you're right.


When house-cleaner Sylvia shows up at the ladies' house, most the girls disrespect her by dropping all their chores and dumping them on Sylvia. Well, Erica does chat Sylvia up a little and then says, "Of course, I can speak Spanish. How else I am supposed to communicate with my maids?" That's maids with an "s."

Of course, their bad behavior comes back to bite them when the women are dropped off in front of a big fat mansion and find out that Sylvia isn't really a maid but a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a cleaning service. And *boom*, they're hired to clean the aforementioned mansion.

Queen princess Gia throws a hissy fit, "I'm a princess. I don't do dishes. I don't do laundry. I don't mop. I don't do any of this sh!t." "I'm definitely not cleaning with these hands because these hands were made strictly to just have diamonds on them and just look pretty." Then she, followed by Erica, head out to the Jacuzzi and leave the cleaning job to the rest of the women, who obviously are inside bitching and complaining and screaming.

While soaking her feet in the Jacuzzi, Gia keeps it up, "If you carry or own a Louis Vuitton, you don't pick up a mop, I'm sorry."

That's when we find out whose Jacuzzi she's soaking her unworthy toes in and whose mansion they're cleaning (or refusing to clean): Queen reality TV meanie Omarosa of The Apprentice fame! 

[Dum dum dum!]

Gia and Omarosa get into it, and it's really boring. No zingers, no hair pulling, no unexpected slaps to the back of the head. Back to Bitch School for both of you. They really let me down.

At the end of the day, Sylvia gives her performance reviews and everyone who helped clean wins a massage. That means Gia, Erica, and Chrissy lose. But Gia still gets in the last word, "Who would humiliate themselves and clean a house for a frickin' massage?"

All this is followed by more lessons like: 1) You can get a nice massage at a hole in the wall spa, located in a neighborhood that makes you squeal, "I'm afraid for my life!" 2) when you only have $200, you might have to prioritize at the grocery store, 3) it doesn't pay to cry (or go into a psychotic rage) over spilled popcorn.

Plus, as a special princess bonus, we watch Erica and Chrissy get into some squabbles over a mosquito and lights (on, off, on, off, on!), during which Erica (whose Daddy's a plastic surgeon) throws out lots of suggestions for procedures the women could use. "Chrissy," says Erica, "there's no excuse for cellulite."

Oh, and Jess punches a wall.

Yep, nothing but the utmost respect happening here on You're Cut Off.

Everyone passes and moves toward "graduation" except Erica, Gia, and Chrissy. Jacqueline wins VIP and gets her own big pink bedroom. Omarosa calls Gia "an angry troll." By video. MORE WEAK BITCHDOM, bitches. They better bring it next week ...


Image via VH1

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