ShamWow Guy Promotes Eminem's New CD

Remember Vince Shlomi? No? Okay, remember the guy that did the ShamWow commercials? There ya go, same dude. After his career took a fall thanks to an incident involving a prostitute and tongue biting, he's now back where he belongs doing slightly over-intense infomercials. Well, actually it's a fake infomercial for Eminem's new album, Recovery. But it's equally as entertaining.


We can use Eminem's new album to slice, chop, and even put it on our hoes ... so many uses! BUT WAIT, order now and ... well, actually the album doesn't drop until June 21, so technically, we can't order now.

Though, we do get a ShamPon as a bonus, so that's quite the deal.

What do you think of this video? Think it's clever marketing?


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